Friday, July 31, 2009


Menurut blog kelmarin (29 Julai 2009), polis meminta sampel DNA Tan Boon Hwa dan Lee Wye Wing. Kedua-duanya enggan bekerjasama.

Kenapa mereka enggan bekerjasama? Apakah ini bermakna kedua-dua mereka ‘boleh menjadi orang yang wajar disyaki sebagai pembunuh Teoh Beng Hock?

Blog itu mendakwa, Peguam Karpal Singh dan Gobind Singh Deo dikatakan membantu untuk ‘melindungi’ Tan Boon Hwa dan Lee Wye Wing . Lim Kit Siang juga dikatakan cuba menutup pembunuhan dan asyik menyalahkan SPRM.

Sementara blog meminta supaya Tan Boon Hwa Lee Wye Wing ditahan polis bagi menjaga keselamatan mereka. Ini kerana, menurut blog berkenaan, Boon Hwa dan Wye Wing kini suspek utama kematian Teoh Beng Hock – mereka berdua adalah suspek membunuh.

Apapun, kita tunggu keputusan sama ada polis akan bertindak atau sebaliknya tetapi sementara itu, bacalah dua posting ini:

UNSPIN: Boon Hwa and Wye Wing life in danger now!

Daripada :

The Police must arrest Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing for their own safety. Boon Hwa and Wye Wing now major suspect in the death of Teoh Beng Hock - they are murder suspect.

After murdering Teoh Beng Hock on 16th July 2009, Lee Wye Wing who is a technical advisor of WSK Services, a crony company of Ronni Liu which is involved in corruption of Selangor ADUN money, ran away to China also on 16th July. So the Police cannot contact him until he came back from China.

Police have found DNA from two men on Teoh Beng Hock's belt and jacket. Maybe this is the DNA of the forensic and ambulance worker when they carry Teoh's body from the roof to the ambulance. But Forensic and ambulance worker always wear gloves - so maybe the DNA is not from them.

Now the Court evidences that other than Tan Boon Hwa the other person there was Lee Wye Wing. Both Lee Wye Wing and Tan Boon Hwa have refused to give their DNA sample to Police. Why they are not cooperating with POlice when the Pakatan want the Police to speed up the Inquest?

Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing are now murder suspect No. 1. This also means that Ronni Liu and his Chinese underworld kongsi gelap will want to see Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing dead. Because if Tan and Lee are found guilty of murder, it will mean the end of DAP.

The stake is very high because Lim Kit Siang must resign, Theresa Kok must resign, Lim Guan Eng must resign, Ronni Liu go to jail, DAP must deregistered from Registrar of Society. DAP cannot allow for this to happen - so they will send Chinese underworld to kill Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing.

Police must arrest both Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing for their safety so that Rooni Liu does not kill them.


Daripada :

Today the Inquest in Shah Alam heard from lawyer Tan Hock Chuan that Police have 102 DNA samples from MACC officers, Police officers and others involved from investigating into the Teoh Beng Hock death. Tan told the Court that different people's DNA was found on Teoh Beng Hock's belt and jacket.

On his jacket there was DNA from two people, one of which is Teoh himself and the other is from an unknown male. On Teoh's belt, Police found DNA from three people, only one is from Teoh. This means two other people touched Teoh's belt also.

Police have asked for DNA sample from Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing. Both these people have refused to give their DNA sample.

Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa is a contractor and DAP member who is close to Ronnie Liu. Lee Wye Wing is a technician with WSK Services. WSK Services is a crony company of Ronnie Liu which has been given many contracts by Ronnie Liu. The company name WSK Services has already been spoken about in our earlier posting, this company name was found in Teoh Beng Hock's computer disk dan copies of documents. It is one of many companies run by the Chinese underworld which has links to Ronnie Liu.

The MACC and Police officers have given their DNA samples to Forensic but Tan Boon Wah and Lee Wye Wing have refused. Both Tan and Lee have been advised by Gobind Singh Deo and Karpal Singh not to give their DNA sample to the Police.

This means that Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing are the suspected murderers of Teoh Beng Hock. And Karpal Singh and Gobind Singh Deo are helping them cover up the murder. Lim Kit Siang is also helping to cover up the murder and blame it on MACC.

The DNA of strange people found on Teoh's belt and the back of his jacket shows that Teoh was pulled up by his jacket and trousers / belt and pushed out the window.

This means that Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing grabbed Teoh by his jacket and trousers/belt and threw him out the window.

The Police must arrest Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing for the murder of Teoh Beng Hock. Ronnie Liu and the DAP is also involved in the death of Teoh Beng Hock. This is a case of Chinese underworld society killing Chinese.


  1. MUngkin bapak awak pun suspek pembuhun TBH jugak

  2. termasuk datuk dia adik beradik dia juga suspek pembunuh tbh..

  3. kah...kah...kah...
    bapak awak & datuk dia aja ke..
    apahal dgn datuk & bapak tiri laki mak dia...

  4. what if the PKR folks is very cautious on submitting their DNA samples? u know... later the DNA samples can end up somewhere else... :) mattress ka... or the jacket ka...or the belt ka...


    Yang bunuh Hock ialah Tun Dr mahathir.
    kenapa DAP tak tuduh TUN yang tolak Hock lagi panas cerita.

  6. the sample DNA at the matress (or belt) is derived from semen or skin cells. the sample taken from suspects is either blood or saliva.

    so how come the semen (or the skin cell) ended up on the matress or TBH belt?


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